Local Map

Aerial Map

Aerial map drawn to scale in Adobe Illustrator for a real estate pamphlet. Designed to show the local attractions.


Google Ads: Legal Funding Company

A collection of Google Ad designs used in a legal funding company’s marketing campaign.

Local Map

A map design featured in an offering memorandum for a real estate company. Designed based on company specifications and layout.

Logo Design: Property

A logo design for a residential property.

Logo Designs

Powerpoint Presentation Design

An example of a slide deck created for an E-Scooter company.

Property Map

A property map drawn to scale for a property management’s website.

Professional Graphic Design Dee Glazer Design

Remarketing Ad

Social Media Ad

An example of a social media advertisement designed for a career search company.

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Graphic designer, artist, and social media specialist working in Philadelphia, PA.