Brand Personality

Snarky comments on social media are not going to drive you the most leads. Surveys show that honesty, friendliness, and helpfulness are the most important traits for consumers when choosing a company. Although humor can certainly be helpful to build brand awareness and gain the attention of an audience, it is not necessarily the defining factor for generating sales.

So what type of content should you be focusing on writing? Stay true to your brand image. And on this note, make sure you define what your brand image is BEFORE outlining any content for your social media campaigns. Consistency is key, and the image you portray on your channels will define how consumers view your business.

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Top 25 Ads of 2017

I came across a fun article ranking the best ads of 2017 into a top 25 group. My personal favorite is definitely the ostrich Samsung commercial. I just think it is a very creative marketing campaign for VR goggles to advertise virtual reality as a way to accomplish and experience things that are not otherwise possible.

Sometimes the more obscure and creative examples drive the best results to consumers. Another example of why creativity isĀ key in marketing campaigns. Not only is it pleasurable to watch, but it is immediately something that will drive shares and interactions. I mean, who doesn’t want to see an ostrich with VR goggles on?



See the full article here:

Adweek: The 25 Best Ads of 2017



I am very excited to be launching my new website for Dee Glazer Design. I decided I needed a separate entity for my design, social media, and SEO projects – while keeping my artwork on its own site.

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