Content Marketing Tips

Be Clear – Be concise and straightforward with your statements. Don’t confuse your customers with longwinded sentences. Choose a single target audience and a single topic to direct your post to. Stay Consistent – Try to keep the voice of your content consistent. Your brand should reflect a unified ideal, vision, and sound. Optimize – SEO can … Continue reading Content Marketing Tips

Butter and Brand Awareness

Especially if you live in a city, billboards can become eyesores. I often find myself critiquing over cluttered and unoriginal advertisements for most of my commute to work. Awful imagery, even more awful tag lines create a response in me that does not cause me to research the company, but actually refuse to. in … Continue reading Butter and Brand Awareness

Brand Personality

Snarky comments on social media are not going to drive you the most leads. Surveys show that honesty, friendliness, and helpfulness are the most important traits for consumers when choosing a company. Although humor can certainly be helpful to build brand awareness and gain the attention of an audience, it is not necessarily the defining … Continue reading Brand Personality

Top 25 Ads of 2017

I came across a fun article ranking the best ads of 2017 into a top 25 group. My personal favorite is definitely the ostrich Samsung commercial. I just think it is a very creative marketing campaign for VR goggles to advertise virtual reality as a way to accomplish and experience things that are not otherwise … Continue reading Top 25 Ads of 2017


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