Welcome to Dee Glazer Design!

Dee Glazer Design is a graphic design, social media, and SEO company located in Philadelphia, PA.The company was founded as a by-product of Dee’s artwork and her studies in philosophy. Dee studied both art and philosophy with a focus on technology, communication, and aesthetics. The research and execution of how these areas can work together became her passion, and Dee Glazer Design was born.

Dee Glazer Design is focused on the aesthetic value of digital marketing techniques, emphasizing the style and the execution of a personal brand.

Art is essential for how we interact and understand the world around us. Design is a way to visually communicate precise intentions and standards. The visual branding of your company should reflect your intentions and standards through clear visual communication.

Dee Glazer Design can help develop a unified visual brand for your company through the creation, or reworking, of branded content – logos, websites, document templates, social media decks and more.

Dee Glazer Design | Philly Graphic Design and Social Media