Are You Scared of Working From Home? Here’s How to Stay Positive and Productive During the Coronavirus Crisis.

Are You Scared of Working From Home? Here’s How to Stay Positive and Productive During the Coronavirus Crisis.

Amidst the suggested social distancing, you may be finding yourself working remotely. The initial transition from a more social office life to a more isolated home office setup can be challenging. But we’ve put together some tips to make the transition as positive and productive as possible.


Define Your Space


At first, it may seem appealing to work on the couch in your PJs all day. I’ve certainly been there myself, and I agree it can be AMAZING, but it isn’t the easiest habit to sustain. You’re simply just not as productive in an unorganized work environment.


Little decisions like claiming the kitchen island or dining room table as your desk can have a huge impact. Try your best (I know it’s hard!) to keep this newfound desk area clean and organized. Remember, this is your new “office,” let your family or roommates know your goal and ask them to respect it. It may seem like you now have infinite time to do anything and everything, but when you’re in your new home office space, you are doing one thing – working.


Make a Schedule (and stick to it!)


So it’s your first day working from home – and you think to yourself, “Hey, I might as well sleep in and just not shower. I mean, does it really matter?” Well, it turns out it does matter. A few daily goals and a casual schedule can transform your entire day.


This isn’t to say that you don’t let yourself relax and you just isolate yourself in your office. It’s more about creating a flow to your day. Let yourself take a break every hour and do some house chores or make a phone call. Cook yourself a nice lunch. Break out that old french press you never use – you know the one.


Put Your Clothes On



I know, I know. No one is going to see you, so why should you bother? Mental attitude is a fickle thing. A little morning routine can make a world of difference to your overall attitude.


When I first started working from home, I skipped the makeup routine and kept the skinny jeans in the closet. I donned slippers and sweatpants all day every day. And yes, at first it felt great.


When you’re that relaxed, it’s definitely not hard to find yourself napping and snacking more than usual. Taking the time to get ready for your day will reward you greatly. It’s a lot easier to try a little when you feel good about yourself.


Try to not make it easy for yourself to give up. Set yourself up for success with the right headspace. Take some time, and get ready to slay your day.


Be Positive


It’s easy to linger in the “could haves” and “would haves.” Don’t beat yourself up for not reaching your goals, or for letting yourself take a nap (It’s okay, I promise!). Working from home can take many forms and it takes a little time to find your groove.


With a little dedication, you’ll be conquering this new lifestyle in no time.


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