Why Houseplants Rule

Alright, so I’m new to this green thumb thing. And I won’t lie, I’ve definitely murdered my fair share of house plants. Like, total obliteration. But that’s the beauty of this plant process. It’s just a great example of trial and error, persistence, and patience.

I decided to get into house plants quite recently. And I must admit that I have henceforth become obsessed. I definitely look at Pinterest daily for terrarium and exotic plant ideas. Specifically, moss.

Somehow moss has become my peak interest lately. I find moss to have such a peaceful existence. Plus, it turns out moss is resilient and survives through all sorts of weather. I just think of it as this quiet and wise being – just hanging out and being mossy.

I’ve learned that keeping houseplants is no easy task. They require daily inspection and usually weekly watering. It also happens to be possible to overwater and overcare for your plants – something I know very well.

It sounds very similar to self-care. It’s possible to overindulge, overrelax, oversleep just as it is possible to under indulge, overwork, and not sleep enough. It’s all about finding the right balance and harmony for each specific plant. No two plants react the same to their environment, and this rings so true for individuals as well.

My work schedule as an independent contractor probably doesn’t make sense to someone who works a 9-5 lifestyle. What I choose to eat for breakfast probably doesn’t work for others. For example, I recently tried a no-carb diet, I thought I was going to die! My body needs bread. That’s just my truth.

So if you’re looking for little potted metaphors for life, I highly recommend investing in some houseplants. They really do make you feel motherly, fulfilled, and just useful.

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