How to Keep the Focus on What Really Matters

You’ve probably done your fair share of research on marketing services. In fact, you may feel a bit OVER-researched. It seems like there is an endless amount of articles boasting the “Top 5 Marketing Tips” or “The Best Ways to Generate Leads.” So, how do we sift through all of this noise and find what really matters?

Make a List

My favorite way to keep the focus and accomplish a task is to create a list.

Make a list for your content marketing goals

There’s something so cathartic about making a list and crossing off each of the To-Dos. Try making a list of your ideal outcomes for your marketing.

  • What are you trying to accomplish with your marketing plan?
  • What is your business lacking?
  • Where do you need to increase effort?
  • Why do you want an increased marketing effort?

Shift Your Focus

A simple shift of focus to the basics can be very helpful here. Just evaluating why you think you need a good marketing plan can be a great way to set up some goals. It doesn’t need to be something fancy or well worded.

Creating the best marketing plan by shifting your focus

Simply writing down your basic desires for your business can lead to a fully developed marketing plan down the road.

For example, we can find ourselves working really hard to develop something that may not need to happen right now. Like a really advanced website with fully developed pages, subpages, and call-to-actions. Don’t get me wrong, a website is obviously important. But it may not be immediately beneficial to your marketing plan to spend all of your time and effort developing something that goes unseen and unused.

Set Small Goals

That’s why it’s so important to focus on your businesses’ immediate needs. What can I do today to enhance how my business functions? What are some feasible goals to focus on?

small business goals

Setting small goals for ourselves and accomplishing them in a timely manner is a great way to feel successful. It goes back to checking off that To-Do list. It just feels really good to accomplish things.

Accomplishing these small goals will make the journey to the bigger picture a bit more pleasant. Focusing on an end goal can often seem daunting and impossible. While little bite-sized morsels can seem totally doable.

Focus on what really matters by shifting your focus to the basics. Create foundational goals to develop on. Let yourself brainstorm and focus on daily tasks. Allow yourself time to develop a longterm roadmap, and focus on the basics!

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