Why You Need Content Marketing

People are pickier than ever about marketing. Whether it’s the countless email newsletters, the annoying commercials interrupting YouTube videos, or the abrasive Call To Actions on websites, it’s clear that consumers expect better.

That’s where content marketing comes in. Providing consumers with useful information that they are actually interested in is one of the best ways to convert leads.

Not only does content marketing help expand your reach, but it can also help your business:

  • Build relationships
  • Create a community
  • Boost leads
  • Educate
  • Boost brand awareness

One of the easiest ways to grow your content marketing strategy is to take advantage of social media. About every single company is using social to market their business. And guess what? It’s working. FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, Pinterest and so many other platforms are being used to boost leads.

That new project your landscaping company just completed? Post it to Instagram. That new home renovation? Post it to Pinterest. Better yet, link it to a blog on your website with tips on how the reader can achieve it!

You may think that posting tips and tricks to your site may take away your business. But in fact, it does the very opposite. Consumers want to see what you know. And they want to learn how to do it. You’ll still be the expert, but sharing and building a community gains trust. And trust boosts credibility and leads.

It’s easier than ever to get in touch with businesses about customer experiences and comments. Not to mention the hype built around new releases and services. Social media is one of the best ways to keep consumers interested and to grow long term relationships. The relationship does not end after the product or service has been sold. The goal is to create an ongoing conversation.

That’s why it’s important to think twice before you schedule your next set of remarketing ads or plan your next email newsletter. It’s time to offer something more substantial to your potential customers.

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