It’s Time to get the Most Out of Your Content

“Content Marketing” is one of those buzzwords circulating the internet. But what does it really mean?

Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing needs to be entertaining. Rather than just aiming to sell, it’s aiming to please.

Today, we are looking to social media for entertainment, guidance, and even company. So it’s no surprise that we expect the same from our favorite businesses.

We crave something more than just an ordinary advertisement. As James O’Brien wrote for Mashable:

“Instead of the commercial, be the show. Instead of the banner ad, be the feature story.”

We want valuable information. We don’t want spam!

Spend the Resources

As it turns out, it costs a fair amount of moolah to keep a steady stream of content flowing.

Try using the resources you already have at your disposal. Get your colleagues and clients on social. It’s time to get the conversation started!

Find the right creative agency to help you where it counts. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Work with someone reputable who is in it for the long-haul. Developing a social media content strategy takes time and effort.

Likewise, ask your marketer for a long term strategy. Make sure to outline your goals, determine your audience, and voice your opinions. Be sure to clearly dictate exactly what you want and expect from their services!

Be Consistent

Content Marketing Made Easy

Don’t just post when you have big news. It’s important to be consistent and keep a steady flow of activity.

You want your audience to remember who you are. And more importantly, you want them to actually read and interact with what you are saying.

Offer them something more than just a spam of announcements. Try starting a conversation or asking some questions.

Be Helpful

Content Marketing Services

You probably know a good bit about the niche you specialize in. Why not write about it?

Push out some blog posts offering your insight. Likewise, share what you’ve been reading and thinking about. You may be surprised by how eager people can be to learn.

One of the most overlooked ways of gaining an organic following is offering resources. It isn’t all about the lead generation. You want to build brand awareness too!


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