Tips for Increasing Facebook Page Engagement

Here are some tips to boost your engagement on Facebook:

Post at the right time.

A lot of businesses post reminders or special offers. But the timing of these posts are often far off from accurate. Although we may be convinced that most people look at their Facebook feed in the afternoon, it is not when the most engagements are made. The highest engagements are made between 7-9 AM when people are checking their Facebook before or on their way to work, and ESPECIALLY at night, between 10pm and midnight when people check their feed before bed.

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Because these posts are not being promoted through paid promotions, they are totally dependent on organic reach. So, to get your posts to show up on someone’s feed, they need to have engagements, i.e. likes, shares, comments. When a post gets engagements, it basically tells Facebook that people are enjoying this post and to show it in more feeds. But to get these engagements, people actually have to see your post. So, timing these posts accordingly is key.

Use high quality graphics.

Many of the graphics used Facebook pages are low quality and low resolution. To increase engagement with your audience, and the overall look of the brand on Facebook, try using high resolution photographs and graphics that are eye-catching and appeal to your audience. When you use graphics that are below the minimum size requirements, they become pixelated and blurred. And when these photos are clicked on, Facebook inserts a black border around the image in the empty space (see below).

Facebook image guidelines suggest using images around 960 x 720 pixels. Choose images that reflect the quality of your brand. The most successful Facebook posts almost always include real life photos. In fact, photos make up 75% of the overall content on Facebook, and according to the Social Media Examiner, photographs are the most engaging type of content you can share.


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Create an assortment of content to appeal to your audience. Not all posts have to be about your specific company. Share content from similar pages or brands, post fun facts and tips, and seem accessible. Creating a variety of content and spreading it out accordingly throughout the month will increase your overall Facebook page engagement.

Creating content calendars is a simple way to keep track of what type of posts you are sharing throughout the week and month. Scheduling them in advance is also a great way to keep track of content.


laptop-2559795_1920.jpgThere are a variety of tools that allow you to analyze the success of your social media posts. The most straightforward program is the one that Facebook provides on its interface. More advance programs that allow total analysis and advanced scheduling tips are Hootsuite and Sprout Social. Analyze what type of posts get the most engagement and impressions. These are the posts that are liked, commented, and shared the most, and are overall seen the most. Try to mimic these types of posts throughout your content calendar. Copy what is working, and improve upon what is not. Monthly analysis of the success of your Facebook page is a good way to keep on track of its performance.

Calls to Action.

Ask people to engage with your posts. Ask questions, create polls, ask for feedback and comments. And almost more importantly, reply to all the comments on your page. Add calls to action to your posts.

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