The process for designing an infographic can seem overwhelming. How can I best represent my information visually? Is my information too complicated for an infographic? How do I make it interesting? Working with a professional designer can help you navigate through these questions. Here are some simple tips to get you started.



What are you trying to say? What is the key piece of information from this graphic that you want your audience to grasp? What is your infographic for? Are you launching a product, showing data, announcing news?

Defining the overall objective of the infographic is key. The relationship between text and image will be defined by the objective of the infographic.



Have your content ready for your infographic. Articulate a clear and concise stream of information, the images will come later to reinforce the content. Make sure the overall narrative of the content is easily understandable as plain text.


Map it Out

Figure out the flow of content from one piece of information to the next. Map out the content funnel with your overall objective in mind. What tone do you want the design to have? Map out the color palette accordingly. Use placeholders for icons and images, is the design cohesive?



Once you have the concept for your infographic mapped out, design it! Choose the right typography, style, and artwork to reinforce your overall objective. While designing, make sure the overall objective and content flow is not lost in the design. You want to reinforce the text with visual images, not hide it.

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