Content Marketing Tips

  • Be Clear Be concise and straightforward with your statements. Don’t confuse your customers with longwinded sentences. Choose a single target audience and a single topic to direct your post to.
  • Stay Consistent – Try to keep the voice of your content consistent. Your brandlaptop-2559795_1920 should reflect a unified ideal, vision, and sound.
  • Optimize – SEO can make or break you. Use strong keywords in your descriptions, utilize ALT text, add outbound links, and link to internal pages. These simple tasks are crucial to the functioning of your website.
  • Be Creative – Tell a story with your content. Have fun with weekly blog posts that are actually interesting to your customers. If your not a writer, hire a freelance content writer to engage your audience. Spend some of your downtime researching what others a writing about and what grabs your attention. What type of content are you actually reading vs scrolling past?Computer and iPhone.jpg
  • Be Social – Keep up with your social media presence. Post weekly content on all of your platforms, share information, and start conversations.
  • Be Visually Interesting – Find interesting graphics for your content. Hire a freelance designer to create infographics for brand awareness. Make sure to include images in your blog and social media posts.
  • Watch Your Competitors – Keep track of what your competition is doing and learn from
  • Listen to Your Customers – Getting online referrals and reviews is a key part of your brand’s online success. Respond to your reviews on Yelp and Google. Start a conversation with your customers and show that you care.
  • Repurpose – Reuse and recycle old content. A lot of your content calendar can be made from previous posts. Schedule things out in advance based on your previous month’s impressions.
  • Be Patient – Building a successful following online takes time. A popular website or blog is not built over night. Keep at it and stay positive.

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